Recruitment and Selection

CONSULTANCY - Recruitment and Selection

Appointing suitable employees is crucial to the success of any business. 4Sight works with its clients to ensure that the job is properly and fully described and that the correct behavioural and technical competencies are identified. We will then follow a robust but flexible process that ensures candidates are shortlisted and assessed in a manner that assists our client to identify the best candidate for the post.

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Despite the crucial role that recruitment and selection plays in every organisation, it is often not carried out in an effective manner. 4Sight is fully aware of limitations on time and resources, however we will ensure that recruitment exercises are characterised by;

  • Well developed job descriptions and personnel specifications
  • Consideration and use of competencies that are relevant to the job
  • Effective assessment of candidates at interview and assessment centre
  • Use of documentation that assists you to make decisions and provides a solid basis for the decision making in the event of a challenge to the outcome of the process