Understanding and delivering excellent customer service

TRAINING - Understanding and delivering excellent customer service

This is a half day course which focuses on ensuring that those attending fully understand the crucial importance of customer service excellence and are in turn aware of what is required from them to ensure excellent customer service is delivered.

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Benefits include creating an awareness that customer service is crucial to the success of the organisation. Furthermore those attending will be provided with an understanding that there are internal and external customers and that it is vital to please both. They will also understand that they can achieve enhanced reputation and quality of work as a result of staff delivering high quality customer service.

Issues covered include:
  • The implications of good and bad customer service.
  • How delivering excellent customer service will benefit them personally
  • The skills, habits and ways of behaving required to deliver customer service excellence

This course is recommended for all team members and particularly those in customer contact roles.

All 4Sight training is practically driven with a focus on providing relevant information in an engaging, challenging and enjoyable manner.