Working together better in a diverse workplace

TRAINING - Working together better in a diverse workplace

This is a half day course designed to ensure that those attending are aware of the sort of behaviour that might amount to an allegation of bullying or harassment. It will also cover in detail the individual responsibility of each employee to behave appropriately and the implications if they fail to do so.

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Benefits of this course include reduced exposure to litigation and a reduction in the type of behaviour that may result in complaints of bullying and harassment.

Issues covered include;
  • What the law says on these issues and what employers and employees obliged to do
  • Examples of bullying and harassment; what it is and what it isn’t
  • Some recent case law and what it tells us
  • Implications for individuals and employers if bullying or harassment is an issue in the workplace or outside

Many of our clients make this a mandatory course for all non-managerial employees.

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